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timeCard 10 eAU basic version

timeCard 10 eAU basic version

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- Use is only permitted in combination with a timeCard 10 time recording basic license.

- Corresponds to the legal requirements according to § 5 Abs. 1a Satz 1 EntgFG valid from 01.01.2023.

- Required for all statutory insured employees, except during REHA stays.

- Functionality is only guaranteed in connection with an annual employee license.

- Includes the "dakota" certificate installation and maintenance fees.

- The application for the "dakota" certificate is the responsibility of the customer/employer.

- A separate certificate is required for each company number (sender number).


The digital eAU (electronic certificate of incapacity for work) will be mandatory from January 1st, 2023. The timeCard 10 eAU interface enables the digital exchange of sick leave (certificate of incapacity to work) between health insurance companies, GKV KomServer and timeCard 10. This step, based on the Continued Pay Act (EntgFG), aims to reduce around 308 million sick leave, colloquially known as the "yellow slip". known, which were previously sent in printed form at great expense, to be transmitted digitally. A crucial goal is to ensure that the health insurance companies have a complete record of sick leave, which was previously not guaranteed.

The interface enables the certified application for data retrieval in the event of an employee's illness, after the employee has expressly reported the illness. This entitles the employer to call up the certificate of incapacity for work from the health insurance company in accordance with data protection. The certificate required for this must be applied for by the employer himself and is valid for 3 years. The additional costs for this certificate are calculated by the Trust Center of the GKV KomServer and are not included in the price. A separate certificate is required for each company number requested. The cost of installing and maintaining the certificate is included in the timeCard 10 eAU annual employee licenses. Please note that the timeCard 10 eAU basic version is not compatible with the timeCard 6 or older versions.

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