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timeCard 10 access control annual license for 250 employees

timeCard 10 access control annual license for 250 employees

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time Card 10 access control key features

With the time Card 10 access control you ensure around the clock that only authorized persons have access to certain areas or buildings. This is how you effectively protect your property from unauthorized access. And if an electronic key is lost, you can block it in the system with just one click.
time Card 10 access control ensures maximum security in your company.

Easy to use

  • Configurable via smartphone, tablet and PC
  • Possibility to test access logics
  • Preview of permitted access per person or entrance
  • Badge management to block lost keys

Individual design of access logic

  • Access logic based on the "who, when and where" scheme
  • Person or department-specific configuration (who)
  • Definition of permissions (when)
  • Definition of inputs and input groups (Wo)
  • Consideration of holiday rules
  • Monitoring of all accesses

Monitoring of all accesses

  • Every access attempt is recorded
  • Definition of alarm times
  • Configuration of alarm messages

time card 10 app

Mobile time recording and access control means maximum efficiency and flexibility. This is because it makes it possible to record working times and monitor access from anywhere at any time.

time Card 10 access control is prepared for combination with time Card 10 time recording.

The highlights at a glance

  • Browser based
  • Free time card app for Android and iOS
  • Any number of access logics can be defined
  • Door opener for remote openings
  •  Extensive ID management including immediate blocking of lost keys
  • Extensive logging options
  • Documentation of all access attempts
  • Expandable with the time card time recording
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